Happy New Year 🥳


The iodé Team wishes you a Happy New Year!
We would like to thank you, the community of readers, contributors, beta testers, and customers for making this project alive.

Let’s take a look of what we’ve achieved together…

You can now pick an iodé phone from 7 different brands

iodé’s shop is now full of refurbished and new phones from 7 different brands, ranging from 199€ to 729€  that you can directly order and get delivered within a few days.
By the way, we’ve very recently added Google Pixel and OnePlus devices to our online shop, so go check them out! We also frequently offer discount deals, so make sure to stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media!

iodé is now also for kids!

As you may know, the iodé Android system (iodéOS) not only blocks Google trackers but also ads, spam, trackers & malware of all kind. A few months ago, we implemented new blocking functionalities and child protection features!
From iodé’s interface, you can now:

If you want to take a closer look at our developments, we are soon adding a more-in-depth technical section of iodé that we will relay to our forum!

iodéOS has become fully Open Source

From the beginning, we have been strong proponents of open source software and part of our code was open from day one. We were happy to take the next step this year and completely open source iodéOS.
You will find build instructions here.
As you may know, iodéOS is also installable for free! We are able to do so thanks to our contributors. If you want to donate to our project, follow this link.

iodé is partnering with actors from the privacy & environment scene

In 2021, iodé was already pushing for fairer competitive practices by joining the coalition for competitive digital markets.
We also recently joined April‘s initiative to promote free software. We are proponents of all initiatives towards greater consumer digital rights.

Recently, we also started placing other tech initiatives into the spotlight that share the same values as iodé. Stay tuned for more!

Again, a big thanks to our contributors, beta testers, and iodé’s community voting on our regular polls to help us shape the future of iodé.

Happy new year and see you very soon!

Photo Credit: Jamie Fenn

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