iodéOS 4 is here


We‘re happy to announce the imminent release of iodéOS 4. Wow, they grow up so quickly…

iodéOS 4 is currently being beta tested and is planned to be released by the end of January. As you probably know by now, iodéOS is based on Android, and more particularly on LineageOS. And with Android 13 (LineageOS 20) coming out, we‘re close to follow.

We will not emphasize too much on the shiny novelties of iodéOS 4 such as the accent color (see image below), but more on the privacy, security and sustainability aspects which present our core values, and form the basis of everything we do. Let’s highlight a few of them that will come in January along with the usual security patches:

  • Better device battery life management with the new Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager & Battery Resource Utilization.Starting in Android 13, you can now stop an app that has an ongoing foreground service, right from the notification drawer. This is very helpful to easily manage and save the battery (see image below).
  • Better permission management with new runtime permissions for notifications, nearby Wi-Fi devices, and granular media.
    Apps must now use separate permissions to request access to different types of media.
    Android 13 also introduces a new runtime notification permission, so apps have to ask you for permission to send notifications.

Full changes from Android 13 can be found here and LineageOS 20 here. You will notice features which are irrelevant for iodé such as the permission required for advertising ID as iodéOS users are freed from Google trackers and don’t even have an advertising ID for privacy reasons.

Color accent in iodéOS 4

Active apps panel in iodéOS 4

That is not it, though. We’ve got some nice ergonomics features coming for iodéOS, stay tuned for more.

As always, thank you for being part of our active community and thank you for your trust in iodé.

Photo Credit: Daniele Colucci

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