We have launched iodéOS for kids


Since we started iodé, one of our goals has been to not only empower you with the best privacy-focused tools, but also your whole family. As a part of this goal, we’re now launching iodéOS for kids!

Our latest update (iodéOS 3.2) provides great new functionalities to protect your kids on their phone.
You don’t want your kids to play a certain game? You want Facebook or TikTok completely out of their phone? Set a password, a few restrictions from the iodé blocker, and consider it done.

Brace yourself for a surprise

We reserve a big surprise for you in the coming weeks… Some of you have been requesting it for a long time, it is something we have had in mind since the start of this adventure, and we are proud to share this announcement with you soon!

We are also supporting new devices next month, so if you have a device model in mind, you can participate in this poll to vote for the next device supported by iodéOS!

iodé is hiring

iodé is growing! We are currently looking for:

  • Logistics Assistant (based in Toulouse, France)
  • Digital Marketing Assistant (based in Toulouse – or remote)
  • Android Developer (remote)

If you can identify with our values of protecting privacy and saving the environment, write us an email at jobs@iode.tech or let someone that might be a good fit know about this.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

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