Celebrating Earth Day


Our mission at iodé is to protect your data and do what we can to protect the environment.
That’s why we’ve built our operating system with an integrated ad blocker and tracking protection, to keep apps from spying on your data, and to reduce the energy being used by the battery.
That’s why we also sell refurbished smartphones, to keep perfectly functioning devices in the circular economy and to help reduce electronic waste.

In order to celebrate Earth Day 2024, we offer you a discount on your subscription to iodéOS premium. You can enter the discount code “earthday2024” at checkout to get your first month for free. The offer is valid until April 29.

Shiny new widget and UI

In case you missed our last news, we are happy to inform you about our new widget, with which you can easily check what is going on with your blocker, and take any required actions directly from the launcher. The blocker app also gets a nice UI upgrade. Both improvement are currently in beta testing and should be available for all users soon, as well as the update for iodéOS version 5 (based on Android 14). You can read the full announcement here.

As always, thank you for your trust in iodé, happy Earth Day and don’t forget to tell your friends about the discount, if that’s something they could be benefitting from.

Your team at iodé

Photo Credit: Noah Buscher

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