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Per-app blockings settings

With our new widget and new blocker interface, you will now be able to quickly and easily check what is going on with your blocker, and take any required actions directly from the launcher. That way you won’t oversee one of your apps not being protected enough thanks to the reinforced protection! Our new UI will also add filter options for bulk actions. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

The new features (widget and UI rework) are currently in beta testing and should be available for all of you in a few weeks.

iodéOS v5 for all in April

Talking about beta testing, you probably noticed you exceptionally didn’t receive an update last march caused by issues with the Android quaterly update. We would like to apologize for that.
The good news is we have been testing iodéOS version 5 (based on Android 14) for weeks now and it is a question of days before you will all benefit from an upgrade on your devices! Be ready for an Over-The-Air update anytime now. As always thanks to all our beta testers for their help and thanks to you all for your patience.

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