iodéOS Premium Launch


We‘re happy to announce iodéOS Premium. Starting from now, beta testers can enjoy the new features, and all users will follow in a few days!

iodéOS premium


Before jumping to the point, we would like to go a few steps back…

As you might know, iodé exclusively generates its income by two means:

  • Donations for the development of iodéOS, our free and open source Android operating system. iodéOS is a secure and private version of Android 13 (LineageOS 20) that automatically blocks ads & trackers. You can download and install it for free if you own a supported device.
  • Hardware sales. We preinstall iodéOS on refurbished devices, that partner companies in France repair and polish for us. We also partner with two social companies, Fairphone and Teracube for new devices. We then sell these devices to make a profit. It’s a fairly simple and ethical way to give back to the open source community, generate an income as a compensation for the hard work we’ve put into it and help the environment at the same time through reducing electronic waste.

As a small company in a niche market, we still need to operate under sometimes hard market conditions and quite frankly, we also need to put food on the table.

We’ve brainstormed a lot about how we can put our project on stable financial feet and also asked our community about it. While we are at it: we want to thank each and every one of you who contributed to our project through a generous donation or through your time and effort in the forum or as a beta tester. iodé wouldn’t be the same without your help. Thank you!

We took all the options into account and were highly pleased to see that you, the community, thought we already fulfilled our mission to keep your data safe and secure with iodéOS and that the most important thing for you was us to keep focusing on its development.

That is why we decided to launch iodéOS Premium.


iodé adblocker premium home

As you can see above, we’ve recently re-designed pretty much the whole iodé interface. But the big change is this, iodéOS is splitting into two versions:

  • The free version (iodéOS) entails basic tracking protection (standard protection) activated by default. From our interface, you can deactivate the standard protection for any app, or leave it as is.
  • The premium version (iodéOS Premium) includes all functionalities of the iodé adblocker, that is: reinforced protection, customized blocking settings, and child protection features, to name a few. Blocklist updates will come at a faster pace, and from now on we are actively developing new features. So make sure to jump on board!


To be crystal clear: all users still have access to all basic tracking protection from iodéOS. But to unlock the full set of features, you’d need to upgrade to a subscription plan. For this, you will have to register on our website with an email address. That way, we can manage free and premium subscriptions. The process is clean and simple, with minimal data involved. But you don’t have to upgrade for premium, if you don’t want to.

  • Just visit and follow the sign up process.
  • Once subscribed and your account created with your chosen password, use the same credentials to connect to the iodé interface.
    As a side note, you can also enable Two-Factor Authentication to connect to your iodé account for extra security. To learn more about 2FA, read our article about it.

It is very important to us to communicate clearly and transparently here, because we don’t want to step on anyone’s foot. So if you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please contact us and let us know.

“But wait… premium = not free anymore?”

Well… that will depend on when you subscribe!

Since you were all our early adopters that helped us shape iodé (and some of you since day one!) we are making iodéOS Premium subscriptions free for you! At the time of this writing (mid June) we are open for beta subscriptions. That means from now on you can subscribe to iodéOS Premium for free.

Subscription to iodéOS Premium beta is free and open until July 20.

After July 20, registration for beta subscriptions will be closed and we will release the official version. If you have signed up until then, you don’t have to do anything extra. New users, starting Mid-July 2023, will have to register and pay for the premium features.

As stated before, we are developing new premium functionalities for July, and we will make another news post with details about what’s coming for iodéOS Premium…

Stay tuned!

As always, thank you for being part of our active community and thank you for your trust in iodé.

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