iodéOS 4.6: our novelty for this month.


iodéOS 4.6 is out and available as Over-The-Air update!

You can now add wildcard and regular expressions and enable your own rules not only per recipient, but to whole batches of recipients sharing the same patterns!

Want to block anything that comes from Google or Facebook without exceptions?
From iodé’s customized blocking panel, add a regular expression: type in .*(google|facebook).* and let iodé automatically blocks any recipient that contains facebook or google in its name, from any of your apps.

If you are not familiar with REGEX and customizing, don’t panic! You can check our small tutorial on our forum here that helps you get your hands on these latest features.

Regular expression iodé

Unlock full iodéOS potential with Premium!

iodéOS premium

Our new iodé adblocker functionalities are available only to premium users. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure to subscribe to iodéOS Premium!

As a reminder, you can get any premium subscription with 50% lifetime discount if you order at the same time a iodé phone.

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