Why you should have the freedom to uninstall preinstalled apps and how to do so with iodéOS

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Most Android smartphones come with preinstalled apps that take up storage and can potentially compromise your privacy. Apps that are preinstalled but that cannot be uninstalled are usually called Bloatware. This is especially annoying if you are not using the apps, but you can’t get rid of them. Furthermore, some of these apps are granted permissions to collect your personal data, such as tracking your location without your consent. And to make it worse, they drain your battery life and could also have a vulnerability, leaving you as the target of hackers. On stock Android you would need root access and computing skills to get rid of these apps. But then again, root access comes with a security risk for your phone, making it vulnerable for hacking attacks.

These are all problems that nobody wants to deal with when all you want is a working phone. So we made it extra easy in iodéOS to uninstall preinstalled apps. And we don’t install bloatware to begin with. In this article we’ll show you how you can uninstall preinstalled apps with iodéOS.

How to de-select apps in the setup wizard

In iodéOS, you’re being asked in the setup wizard if you want to preinstall some apps to get you up and running fast with your new device. This is entirely optional and you don’t have to do that. The apps are just a friendly suggestion of privacy-friendly apps that enable common use cases, such as maps, weather, contacts and so on. So if you want a clean start, just deselect the apps from the menu and you’re good to go.

How to uninstall apps after setup

If you did preinstall some apps but later decide that you don’t want to use them any longer, you can easily remove them by following the steps outlined below.

1. Open the settings
2. Go to “Apps” and then “Preinstalled Apps”
3. Look for the app you want to remove and tap on the trash icon like on the screenshot to remove the app

Do this with every other app you no longer wish to use and enjoy a super light Android.

If you find yourself wanting to uninstall certain apps but you can’t, consider switching to iodéOS. It offers everything you need for your normal, day-to-day Android usage, but giving you control over what apps should be on your phone, automatically blocking trackers from Big Tech companies and more.

You can either buy a phone from us with iodeOS preinstalled or download and install our Open Source operating system for free. Just make sure you have some programming experience and own a device that is on the list of supported devices.

And that’s it. Enjoy the cleaner and faster experience on your phone without bloatware.

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