A good start


2023 is no more than 4 weeks old but we’ve already had a good start into the new year…

Today, we are rolling out version 4 of iodéOS for our OnePlus, Pixel and Sony Devices (XZ1 & XZ3) via the usual OTA (over the air) update. If your device cannot upgrade to iodéOS 4 yet, don’t panic! All our iodé devices still benefit from an update with regular security patches. You will find the newest version of our operating system in the Updater App. As always, just download and install it and let us know how you like it.

We‘ve been getting this feedback more frequently lately from our happy users and we want to point it out again here: It is our top priority to deliver up-to-date security for all devices by making sure to push regular updates. That means that even if your device cannot upgrade to iodéOS 4 yet, you’re still benefitting from regular security patches. So far, this has worked very well and the community has noticed that. We‘re working hard to keep it this way for you. Thank you all for your great and valuable feedback.

iodé phones now available in German store

iodé X ProxyStore cooperation

As you might know, our website is multi-lingual (English, French and German) and we offer EU shipping for orders from our online shop. We also sell our phones in L‘atelier du smartphone in Toulouse, France. Now, Proxystore in Leipzig is selling iodé phones as well. It is the first store in Germany to add our phones to their product line. You can order some selected phones from their online shop or visit their physical store in Leipzig. We‘re very happy about the cooperation and hope to partner up with more stores in the future.

 Improvements of the iodé blocker

UI improvements of the iodé blocker and its settings

In our iodé blocker app, the heart of iodéOS, we made some UI changes so you can navigate more smoothly through all the options. We‘ve also made additions to the blocklist. These changes are especially focussed on child protection!
For more information, see our changelog in the iodé news app.

As always, thank you for being part of our active community and thank you for your trust in iodé.

Photo Credit: Štefan Štefančík

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