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Enjoy the new features of iodé with the latest update

Our new widget and the UI upgrade that we announced in April are finally coming …

iodéOS: The privacy-focused Custom ROM for tablets

iodéOS is the privacy-focused Custom ROM available for tablets. More specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S5E.

Atelier du Smartphone

Come meet us in Toulouse!

Want to get iodéOS installed on your phone? Want to be advised before buying a iodé phone? Come meet us in Toulouse!

How to find the best VPN for your needs

In this article, we show you how to find the best VPN for your needs, discuss their role in online privacy and what their limitations are

iodéOS 5 is out

Today, our team is rolling out the Over-The-Air (OTA) update of iodéOS version 5! You can find it in the updater app.

Celebrating Earth Day

In order to celebrate Earth Day 2024, we offer you a discount on our iodéOS premium subscription. The offer is valid until April 28.


Take a look at our shiny new Widget

You will now be able to quickly and easily check what is going on with your blocker, and take any required actions directly from the launcher

Android Alternative

In this article, we highlight various Android alternatives out there and help you decide which one to choose and suits you best

New Blog

We’re happy to announce that we moved our blog to a new domain. From now on, you can find all new communication content under

iodéOS Premium

Annual iodéOS Premium

We are happy to announce that you can now subscribe to iodéOS Premium via an annual subscription. Switch now!

iodéOS family tablet

iodéOS for Tablets

Many users from our community have requested this and we listened! iodéOS is now available for Tablets on the Galaxy Tab S5e

iodéOS 5

Brace yourself for iodéOS 5

Our team has just started upgrading iodéOS to version 5! Brace yourself the novelties brought by Android 14 and LineageOS 21.

Happy New Year iodé

Happy New Year 🥳

Before we draw you a roadmap for 2024, let’s pause a little to see what today, thanks to you, iodé represents in number.

iodéOS installer program

Installing iodéOS has never been this easy

Want to install iodéOS on your phone but don’t know how to do it? Our new installer program will make it easy for you.

iodé Pixel 7 for Christmas

Googe Pixel 7 now in stock

The iodé Pixel 7 is now available in our shop with iodéOS preinstalled! What a great present for Christmas.

iodéOS 4.6

iodéOS 4.6: our novelty for this month.

You can now add wildcard and Regular expressions and enable your own rules not only per recipient, but to whole batches sharing patterns!

iodéOS Premium launch

iodéOS Premium Launch

We‘re happy to announce iodéOS Premium. Starting from now, beta testers can enjoy the new features, and all users will follow in a few days!

Android preinstalled apps

Why you should have the freedom to uninstall preinstalled apps and how to do so with iodéOS

Most Android smartphones come with preinstalled apps that take up storage and can potentially compromise …

This april at iodé

This month at iodé: Telecoop Interview, Refurbished Fairphones 3, iodéOS 4 to almost all devices, and more!

This month at iodé: Telecoop Interview, Refurbished Fairphones 3, iodéOS 4 to almost all devices, and more!


What is 2FA and which 2FA method should you choose

Two-Factor-Authentication is a method to ensure a pretty secure proof of identity of a user …

iodé X Telecoop

New iodéOS update & Telecoop interview

A bunch of new devices are now running on iodéOS 4 (based on Android 13) …

Telecoop interview

TeleCoop, the general interest telecom operator

TeleCoop is a cooperative telecom operator that has been offering a committed and efficient mobile …

Shape iodé with us

Help us shape iodé!

Without you, community, beta testers, buyers,  & contributors, iodé would not be able to have a great and growing team on board, …

A good start with iodé

A good start

2023 is no more than 4 weeks old but we’ve already had a good start …

iodéOS 4

iodéOS 4 is here

We‘re happy to announce the imminent release of iodéOS 4. Wow, they grow up so …

Happy New Year 🥳

The iodé Team wishes you a Happy New Year!We would like to thank you, the …

New iodé Smartphones

We are happy to announce that we now support more phone models with iodéOS. 🥳 …

Wetell interview

WEtell: climate-neutral mobile communication and data protection

In this interview, we learn about WEtell’s mission of establishing climate protection, data protection, fairness and transparency.

iodéOS is open source

iodéOS is Open Source

From the start, we have been strong proponents of open source software. As of today, iodéOS is completely Open Source!

kid phone

We have launched iodéOS for kids

We have launched iodéOS for kids, which provides great new functionalities to protect your kids on their phone.

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