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Without you, communitybeta testersbuyers,  & contributors, iodé would not be able to have a great and growing team on board, so thank you.

Lately, we have been brainstorming internally on simply what’s next for iodé. We have different projects in mind, some are already baking for you, some are just ideas for now. As we deeply want to concentrate our efforts on what YOU want and what YOU need, we would like to hear from you. So raise your voice! Here is a poll on current ideas we have for the future @iodé. You can vote here, express your ideas, or complain for the things you don’t like. Your input is precious to us and will be our fuel for our next move!

Open Source & Sustainability

When we hear Open Source, we usually think privacy or transparency. But we less often link it to sustainability.
In our newest article, we want to highlight how “Green IT“ and Open Source can be intertwined. Head over to our blog to read more.

They talk about us


The folks over at Techlore were so kind to make a detailed and nuanced review of iodé on their YouTube channel that focuses on privacy questions. We are very grateful for this opportunity and it was great to see what the community had to say in the comment section. We hear you, and we strive to get better every day, so thank you for your feedback. If you haven’t seen it already, just follow the link.

GeekBeacon Festival

GeekBeacon Festival’s mission is to unify geeks and make the world a better place through Mental Health, Gaming, Open Culture, and Open Source. This year’s happened February 18th 2023, and we proudly sponsored the event.

Thank you for your trust in iodé.

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Photo credit: Job Savelsberg

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